The X-Mars Project, a vertical field artificial intelligence application research program for OpenAI API led by OpenAI investment, has arrived

The launch of ChatGPT is a watershed for the development of artificial intelligence. After its release on November 30, 2022, it has set off a storm on the Internet, and the number of users has exceeded 1 million in just five days. As of December 2023, ChatGPT has approximately 180 million users.

ChatGPT generates an average of 1.7 billion website views per month.


It is expected that ChatGPT will generate $1 billion in revenue in 2024.


At the beginning of 2023, ChatGPT became a global focus with its astonishing user growth rate, with the number of users exceeding 100 million in just two months. However, over time, this growth momentum seems to have slowed down. The latest data shows that ChatGPT’s growth in traffic has stagnated in the past year。


In fact, in the past year, the growth point of AI may have shifted to other fields.

With the emergence of AI startups like mushrooms after rain, the application scenarios of AI are constantly being segmented – providing better user interface options (such as IDEs and image/file editors), better native integration, stronger privacy and enterprise protection, and more detailed control permissions (the default RAG configuration of GPTs is too simple and cannot be adjusted).

It can be found that there are two ways for AI to make profits: “bundling” and “unbinding” AI capabilities.

Specifically, companies led by OpenAI win by bundling the capabilities representing General Artificial Intelligence (AGI), while startups can leverage OpenAI’s APIs to build their own applications and benefit from them.

OpenAI has achieved success in bundling AGI capabilities, but also faces pressure from vertical startups to unbind. For example, Klarna integrated ChatGPT into its application, demonstrating the influence of OpenAI API in the vertical field. But it also affects the traffic data of OpenAI.

Therefore, OpenAI responds to the demand for verticalization: instead of leaving the platform and subscribing to services everywhere, it is better to stay at ChatGPT and make a one-time payment, allowing OpenAI to distribute revenue to GPT creators. However, GPT creators have also found new ways to make profits: only releasing “lightweight” products in ChatGPT as a means of attracting traffic to the main platform.

The X-Mars program will integrate ChatGPT into the Mars AI public chain and build intelligent products to help ChatGPT attract more comprehensive data and facilitate the rapid application and landing of ChatGPT products.


What is the X-Mars program?

The X-Mars program was developed by Microsoft OpenAI、Coin WIN、 Coin Capital leads the investment in the Advanced Artificial Intelligence Application Research Program established by Hong Kong Artificial Intelligence and Data Laboratory (HKAI LAB), OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman, and other former OpenAI members. Sam and Greg are the leaders of the program.

The X-Mars program uses Web3 technology and blockchain to authenticate, manage, learn data, and develop applications for artificial intelligence, creating an AI exclusive network with AI learning capabilities – the Mars AI public chain. The Mars AI public chain has obtained authorization for payment licenses, OpenAI operation rights, and brand rights in the United States. Based on authorization, the X-Mars program integrates ChatGPT into the Mars AI public chain, combines artificial intelligence learning network modules to build diversified vertical domain ecological products, and develops based on the ETH two-layer network to help ChatGPT more comprehensively attract data, facilitate the rapid landing of GPT-4 applications, promote the rapid iteration and update of ChatGPT products, help people improve work efficiency, and promote rapid economic development.

What will the X-Mars program do?

The X-Mars program will integrate with ChatGPT, integrate ChatGPT into the Mars AI public chain, build wallets, intelligent applications, intelligent electronic devices, and other products based on artificial intelligence learning network modules, and launch intelligent products of OpenAI API in the vertical field, showcasing the influence of OpenAI API in the vertical field. This not only helps ChatGPT to more comprehensively attract data, but also lays a solid foundation for the development of the program.

In Phase 1.0, the X-Mars program will fully integrate the API of ChatGPT, combine blockchain technology and Web3 technology, and launch a new economic model using Xcoin tokens and smart electronic devices as carriers. It will attract users through sales of smart electronic devices and pledge mining incentives.

In the early stage, the X-Mars program will pre-sale two smart electronic devices, the X-watch and the foldable AI phone.

Smart AI Watch: X-watch

X-wach formed and developed an intelligent AI watch called “Personal Health Big Language Model” for the X-Mars project team. Emphasis is placed on the research, learning, and reasoning of human physiological and behavioral data, such as the user’s exercise time and patterns, sleep time, and toilet time, all of which are learned and recorded. For example, if you choose to do a 1-hour morning run in the morning and a 1-hour equipment training in the evening, the AI watch will infer your need for fat loss or muscle gain based on the calories burned and the duration of each exercise, in order to design a more suitable nutritional diet for you. Meanwhile, after learning to analyze your life data, X-wach can quickly identify anomalies from the data and provide problem analysis once problems are discovered.

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●X-wach functional features

Folding AI Phone

We have launched the latest series of foldable AI phones, providing users with personalized agents by embedding AI models and optimizing user interaction through AI to enhance the user experience.

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Intelligent AI folding phone

Intelligent AI mobile phone

Folding AI phones have multiple functions and advantages

● Function:

One sentence video editing: Users can generate short stories by describing one sentence;

Text summary generation: In work, voice conference content can generate real-time summary summaries.

Translate: Supports voice communication translation for different countries, providing valuable assistance for users who communicate across different languages.

AI photography: Through the AI lens, it can help real-time self correction and facial expression management under the camera, making the photos taken full of confidence.


Personalization: Through AI, users can learn their preferences and habits, bringing a more personalized device experience.

Efficiency: Through AI, tasks can be automated and device performance can be optimized, saving time and extending battery life.

Innovation: Enhancing AI functionality brings users a brand new experience, helping them save time and improve work and life efficiency.

Users participating in the pre-sale subscription of X-Mars intelligent electronic devices can not only receive exquisite smartwatches or phones, enjoy a smart and convenient life, but also earn AI token Xcoin dividends through device mining.

With the development of the ecosystem, the X-Mars program will also launch a feature rich and secure encrypted wallet: the X-Mars Wallet, which can be applied to various artificial intelligence applications such as AI digital humans, AI education, AI creation, AI chat, AI music, as well as a variety of intelligent electronic devices to better help people improve work efficiency and promote rapid economic development.

Support for the X-Mars program

Firstly, the X-Mars program was awarded by Microsoft OpenAI、Coin WIN、 The investment of Binsheng Capital not only benefits Microsoft, but also OpenAI、Coin WIN、 Binsheng Capital provides funding, technical and other resource support, as well as MSB payment license support provided by Coin WIN, as well as secure, compliant, and professional asset trading and management services.

Secondly, the X-Mars program is an advanced artificial intelligence application research program established by Hong Kong Artificial Intelligence and Data Laboratory (HKAI LAB), OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman, and other former OpenAI members. Not only can it obtain the strategic thinking layout and top-notch technical support of the top circle of OpenAI members, but it can also obtain the operating and brand rights authorized by OpenAI.

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At the same time, the X-Mars program has also reached strategic partnerships with institutions such as Apple, PWC, Reddit, Amazon, and Zalando. Through multi-party cooperation and resource integration, it allows a wide range of investors to easily use artificial intelligence products and enjoy the dividends brought by the combination of AI intelligence and finance.

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With the support of multiple investment research institutions and strategic partners, the X-Mars program will stand out in the competition through the strategic vision of the top circles in the industry, top-notch technical support, comprehensive AI application layout, and excellent user experience. By continuously attracting GPT creators and users through multiple benefits and new user experiences, the X-Mars program can not only help ChatGPT to more comprehensively attract data, assist in the rapid implementation of GPT-4 applications, promote the rapid iteration and update of ChatGPT products, expand the vertical influence of OpenAI API, but also quickly capture market share and become a unicorn in the AI field.

Join the X-Mars program and embark on a smart and convenient new life!

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